Selected Highlights

- 3.27.14 - Claudio Ochoa Attends White House Summit for Young Philanthropists

Washington, D.C. - On March 27, the Obama administration hosted a summit at the White House for an elite group of 100 young philanthropists and heirs to billionaire family fortunes.  Claudio Ochoa attended on behalf of The Ochoa Family Foundation.  Coverage of the summit is available here (The New York Times, Including the Young and the Rich - White House Hosts 'Next Generation' Young and Rich) and here (The Atlantic, Philanthropists and the White House: Who's Boss - Once It Was Elite Donors Who Courted The President.  Today, It's Precisely the Reverse.), which features a quote by Mr. Ochoa. 


- 5.9.12 - O.F.F. Hosts An Evening in the Country to Give Hope Back

New York, NY - On May 9, over 200 friends joined the Ochoa Family Foundation for an Evening in the Country to Give Hope Back.  There was a silent auction, live country band, and even some line-dancing!  As part of the annual event, the Ochoa Family Foundation presented financial gifts to the Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center and UNICEF. 

The Ochoa Family Foundation thanks our event partners and sponsors: Tito's Handmade Vodka, WCMG Events, Rose Bar, Karin + Raoul Magazine. 

Also, a very special thank you to our host committee:

Elizabeth Bishop              Gustaf Demarchelier                   Christian Simonds &

Nico Bossi                        Clay Floren                                     Gilian Hearst-Shaw Simonds

Scott Buccheit                  Amanda Frank                             Alexandra Preate

Ashley Bush                      Artan Gjoni                                  E. Scott Schirick

Kitty Clay                          Kimberly Guilfoyle                        Lacary Sharpe

Cynthia Cortes                 Bash Kazi & Crystal Hannon       Swan Sit

Kipton Cronkite                 Hassan Kinley                             Emma Snowdon-Jones

Nathalie de Berry              Michael & Robyn Lucas              Jed Weinstein

Samuel Deutsch               Amit Luthra                                  Tracy Yorks

Victorine Deych                Claudio Ochoa                             Marisa Zafran

Alex Dulac                     

- 3.22.12 - O.F.F. to Host An Evening in the Country to Give Hope Back

New York, NY - On May 9, the Ochoa Family Foundation will host an Evening in the Country to Give Hope Back.  This year's event will transport guests to an elegant evening in the country, complete with cocktails, signature hors d'oeuvres, dancing, live music, and an after-party.  The event will be produced by WCMG Events.  Thank you to our generous sponsor, Tito's Handmade Vodka. 



- 10.12.11 - O.F.F. Partners With Honduras to Provide Safe Orphanages for Children

San Pedro Sula, Honduras - There are an estimated 10.2 million orphans in Latin America.  Approximately, 150,000 of those children, who are below the age of 17, are in Honduras alone.  Many, around 17,000, have been orphaned due to the death of a parent.  As a result, these children are highly susceptible to violence, child labor, and sexual trafficking.  In order to protect this vulnerable population, the Ochoa Family Foundation is working with the Honduran government to identify the most vulnerable children and provide the resources necessary to establish safe orphanages that they can call home. 


- 8.21.11 - O.F.F. Provides Teddy Bears to the Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center

New York, NY - On August 21, 2011, the Ochoa Family Foundation donated teddy bears for the children of the Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center of New York City.  The Center is committed to changing the lives of medically fragile children, one child at a time. The Center provies specialized medical and innovative therapeutic services to children with complex medical challenges enabling them to live life to the fullest. 


- 8.19.11 - O.F.F Makes Gift to the Hardin Family of NC

  Eddystone, PA -   On August 19, 2011, the Ochoa Family Foundation presented the Hardin Family of North Carolina with a financial gift from the JC Roumain Cancer Assistance Fund.  Mr. Hardin was diagnosed with aggressive stage 4 colon cancer on July 15, 2010.  He is supported by his loving wife, Terry Hardin, and two sons, Kyle and Keith. 


- 8.16.11 O.F.F. Makes Gift to Alfred Fey of CO

    Ft. Collins, CO - On August 16, 2011, Marlena Ochoa, representing the Ochoa Family Foundation, presented Alfred Fey of Colorado with a financial gift from the JC Roumain Cancer Assistance Fund.  After receiving the gift, Mr. Fey wrote to the Foundation:

I was diagnosed with squamous cell cancer of the tongue in December of 2010. I never smoked and I did not drink to excess. Yet here I had an oral cancer. I had lost my job in early December due to the extreme pain and was at the end of my rope. That is when I met some special people. I was introduced to a social worker that cared and gave me info about different grants to apply for. Since I did not have any insurance at all I was so amazed when The Ochoa Foundation came to my aid with a grant that allowed me to pay off some of my past due Doctor Bills. During this process of fighting cancer I underwent radical surgery that removed 7/8ths of my tongue, all the Lymph Nodes in my neck plus the removed some tissue from my thigh and grafted it to my tongue to rebuild it. I am grateful for The Ochoa Foundation for what they have done for me.  --Sincerely, Alfred K. Fey


- 4.14.11 - O.F.F. Hosts An Evening of Giving Hope Back

New York, NY - On April 14, 2011, over two hundred friends joined The Ochoa Family Foundation for its inaugural public event in support of the J.C. Roumain Cancer Assistance Fund.  As part of the event, the Foundation also made a financial gift to Project Feed, which works to provide nutritional meals to people throughout the world. Sincere thank you to the event's sponsors and partners, particularly Belvedere Vodka, 4AM DJs, DJ Theory, and Plus One New York. 

Host Committee:

Catherine Avery           Devon Dentler                  Claudio Ochoa

Nathalie de Berry        Gustaf Demarchelier         Alexandra Preate

Kipton Cronkite           Alexander Dulac                Starlite Randall

Scott Buccheit            Thom Filicia                       Julia Gaitskill Rogers      

Lauren Bush               Clay Floren                        Elizabeth Rubin

Sharon Bush               Beatriz Garcia                   E. Scott Schirick

Greg Calejo                 Billy Gilbane, III                   Alvin Valley

Kellie Carey                 Kimberly Guilfoyle             Marisa Zafran

Jaimie Chew                Amit Luthra          

Rita Crosby                 TJ McManus

Special Guest: NY District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr.