About The Ochoa Foundation


The Ochoa Family Foundation is a private family foundation founded by Jean-Claude, Marlena, Claudio and Maria Ochoa. Historically, the Ochoa Family's philanthropy has been conducted largely in-private. The Foundation was created to formalize the family’s giving, raise awareness related to poverty and cancer, and provide a mechanism to channel the support of the family’s friends to these causes.

The Foundation has two principal funding directives. First, the Foundation seeks to provide direct assistance to individuals and families in-need, rather than through large systemic initiatives. Second, the Foundation’s resources are designated primarily for causes related to cancer or child poverty.

As part of the Foundation's focus on fighting cancer, the Foundation has established the J.C. Roumain Cancer Assistance Fund. The Fund provides small one-time financial gifts to families who have a family member fighting cancer, particularly terminal cancer. The gifts are meant to assist the family pay pressing living expenses, such as housing payments and utility bills, as well as some medical expenses. Families can apply for the gifts directly or be nominated by a family friend. More information about the Fund and applying can be found by clicking here.

Although the Foundation is a family foundation, no grant or funding direction is approved without a vote of the full board of directors.

The Ochoa Family Foundation is incorporated in New York and is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.